Saturday, June 18, 2016

The wonderful friends along the way

The icing on the cake was all the wonderful friends along the way.
Joann & Rob Trenton Ontario
Pam & Don at Bobbies Fish Camp
Tina & Dan in Mackinaw
The Fitz Crew during our amazing tour of the Pensacola Air Museum
Blind River crews Dave, Mike (Timeout), Robert (Ariel), Bill (Rock Me Baby)
Blind River Crews Gale (Timeout), Annie (Rock Me Baby), Betsy, Corinne (Ariel)
Dale & Pam Margaritaville Key West
Bama Dream, Almost Home Green Cove Springs
Deb & Chuck Key West Tram
Betsy & Kim  in Charlevoix
JonBon Longboat Key
Bob & Sharon in Clearwater
Sharon & Bob in Penetang Ontario
Bob & Sharon on Trent Severn Locks
Gale & Dave at Marathon Municipal Marina
Visiting the Colas RV while in LBK
Jan & Bill (Ivory Lady), Mark & Denise (Island Office), Karen (Next Chapter) at Fast Freddies in Alton IL.
Dave, Betsy Jane, Tom (Elizabear) at Marina Jacks Sarasota
Sophie!, Lisa & Jeff in New Bern
Karen, Jeff at Barefoot Landing Myrtle Beach
Rob Joann at Punta Gorda Fl.
Kay & Ron at Sunset Grill in Marathon
Deena & Hearst Marathon
Hearst & Deena T Turtle Hospital Marathon
Looper dinner in Carrabelle Fl  before crossing The Gulf of Mexico
Jane, Ben, Jane Tom, Evelyn, Clarke  at Burdines Marathon
Denise & Mark Island Office
Rob, Joann, Dave, Betsy Boca Grande
Rob, JoJo,Betsy,Jon,Bon,Dave
Dave, Betsy, Bob, Sharon, Penatang
Tami Wolfe & Betsy Watts Bar Lake
Muffin & Tim Wrightsville Beach
Ben & Titan Washington NC
Wendy and Darrell

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Closing Our Great Loop adventure in Solomons MD- Dave and Betsy

Well this is it... we departed Crisfield around 0815. We knew the Chesapeake was going to be a little bumpy the first few hours due the high winds the last few days. The winds were slowly subsiding overnight and we were counting on that trend to continue. We did our final disembark maneuver with Bets pulling the lines and letting Dave know when Motor Vessel FRYEDAZE was free from her lines and could slide out of the slip at Somers Cove and head out the harbor towards the Tangier Sound. It was quiet on the bridge as we finished our second cup of coffee. Both of us wondering what life may be like the next few months as we head home to the dirt house. We headed out and made the turn north up the Tangier Sound. The winds were 10-15 knots and the spray for the first two hours turned FRYEDAZE into a saltsicle. The wind slowly decayed and the seas flattened as we headed north passing many crabbers out working to make their catch for the day. The trip was 54 miles and would take us almost seven hours. This was plenty of time to make special memories as we finished our adventure. We hit the north end of the Tangier Sound and headed west to the bay. Once in the bay the auto pilot was set for a straight line to the mouth of the Patuxent River. As we approached the Patuxent- Dave found his specially designed cruising mix on the iPod- Brandy, Ride Captain Ride, Edmond Fitzgerald, Son of a Sailor, I'm your Captain and more. We cruised through in the river on the southern side, which we never do but it prolonged the trip and the views of Solomons. As we entered the harbor and slowed to no wake speed, we both felt as if we never left and all the while feeling that we should put starboard engines astern while port were forward and spin Fryedaze back to the Chesapeake and just continue the adventure. -sigh
We hit the dock a Solomons Yachting Center and Janelle and Mike Martin were there to see us in. We were so excited to see them that tying up didn't seem so second nature and I was fumbling all over myself with the lines. Between tears (Betsy) and a cold one (Dave and Mike) it wasn't feeling too terrible to be in our slip.

We were very surprised when we got a text that we were going to see our good friends Denise and Bob Pace as well. The day just kept getting better and better. It wasn't long before Robbie and Jo Ann McCready arrived with our truck so we could get home.! Soon the party was in full steam as Bob, Denise, Sandy, Frani, Allyson and Jack arrived. The champagne flowed and we had our flag changing ceremony from white (in progress) to the Gold burgee signifying completion of the Great Loop. This change was made all the more special because we shared putting on our AGLCA burgee with many of these same wonderful friends just over a year ago. (we missed you Darrell Weber!)

The last 13 months have been some of the best times of our lives. And God willing we WILL do this wonderful adventure again someday! Next summer- the Triangle Loop! 

 Sunrise over Crisfield. Time to move out and head home.
Passing the Tangier Ferry as we head out of the harbor.
 Goodbye Crisfield you know we will be back!
 The remains of a Menhaden Fertilizer Plant that burnt down in 1932.
 I think these guys are dragging for oysters.

Sure hope he is far enough away from the un-exploded ordinance of Bloodsworth Island.
Construction at Dominions Cove Point plant. The white domes of the tanks are the first thing that comes into view from miles away.
 The Thomas Johnson Bridge lets us know we are almost home.
 This guy came flying bye us in the river. What a cool looking boat. It looks like it should be in one of those Mediterranean based James Bond movies.
 Hey look! They put out the welcome mat for us.

Ready or "knot" Solomons Yachting Center here we come!

One last kick with starboard reverse and FRYEDAZE tushey will be against the dock.
Mike helping us get all tied up while Bets is wondering why we aren't moving faster.

One last time for shore power. Plug me in baby!

Allyson and Betsy on the champagne trail. "Allyson it makes me sad when I run out of champagne".

Janelle and Betsy all smiles for the after docking celebration.

Denise and Betsy, there is nothing like sharing our homecoming with great friends.
We can't wipe these smiles off our faces. (or the tears off my sunglasses!)
Our new back porch view.
Betsy can't give up the white AGLCA flag

WOW! after 13 months she still likes me, go figure.
Our first returning to Solomons sunset.

Rob and Jo Ann brought the truck to us. We loaded it up and headed to the "Dirt House".
Rob, Jo Ann, Betsy, Jon, Bonnie, Dave - good friends hangin out after a nice meal at The Lighthouse.

Ben says old people should not take selfies. We are getting better at it, but a sixer is tough.

7 stay aboard couples and cruiser: Robbie Jo Ann,  Dale Pam, Deb Chuck, Hearst Deena, Dave Gail,  Dan Tina, Billy Sandy, Jimmy Roz, Darrell Wendy
21 additional visiting friends; Jon Bonnie, Greg, Ron Kay, Jeff Karen, Bob Bonnie, Jeff Lisa, Bill Virginia, Nancy, Tammy Bob, Laurie, Sherry,Blake, Kim Sexton
Pictures taken     9106+ (probably close to 10000 if we add what was taken with                                   phones)

Locks 114
Free Dockage days 9
Anchorage days 54
Marina days 321
Total days 389
Days back home 17 (in PA)
Lock Walls  5
Miles 6,431
Fuel 2684 gal
Engine Hours 825.2 hrs
AVG $/gal $2.47
Avg Miles/gal 2.4
Avg Gal/hr 3.23
Avg fuel price first 6 months $2.74/gal
Avg fuel price last 7 months $2.01/gal
Transient dockage cost 2.5 X fuel cost
Blog page views  28901
Blog audience
United States
1 Torn Knee
1 Detached Retina
1 Kidney Stone
Bent Prop repair
Fuel tank leak (top STB)
Stb Engine water pump replacement (small leak)
Stb Fuel lift pump replacement (small leak)
Battery combiner replacements 5X (various problems)
Engine start battery replacement (end of life 5 yrs)
Solar panel replacement (failed)
Domestic water pump replacement (cracked casing leak)
Inverter replacement ( yard inadvertantly tied to shore power)
Pulled toilet due to wash cloth dropped in it.
Replaced main battery combiner switch (internal springs failed)